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"In the words of writer Clive Martin, ‘‘the new casual’ is the movement which formed as an antithesis to the idea that we all had to grow beards, drink expensive beer and dress like railroad workers. It’s clean-shaven, it smells good and it drinks cans of lager on the street. It doesn’t care what clubs it goes to. It’s sporty, streamlined, the return to a kind of teenage take on masculinity.’"

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PYZINE collaborates with US Youth Style Magazine Reflekt for regular insight from across the pond.

Walking on Melrose Avenue in sunny LA, it’s interesting to see the amalgamation of fashions that saunter through the dirty pavements. Back in the 80’s Melrose Avenue was the epitome of LA street fashion, where Punks and New Wavers were inspiring designers the world over with their disheveled and innovative styling. 


The idea of street fashion is an allusive idea that all designers have turned to for inspiration at one point or another. Picture it as a kind of sartorial wild wild west of style, The most classic (and when I mean classic I mean timeless as in it will forever be in la mode) like Punk, Lolita and Rocker, were created on dirty sidewalks by juvenile delinquents and bored outcasts. Everyone is fascinated with street fashion-from the self proclaimed ‘fashionista’ to the unaware bystander, are affected by its mysterious charms and unexplained comings and goings.

In the 90’s we got the gift of the internet where now the street fashion looks we love to delve into are only a click and ‘like’ away. A new generation can delve and devour street fashion without actually going onto the street. We have sites like Tumblr, Lookbook.nu, and Instagram that quench our thirst for our fashion voyeurism. We have endless streets to gawk and gander at everyone’s style from all over the world and of course like any fashion conscious street, styles have been born. We have narrowed it down to five internet style tribes that we love, so see if you “follow”. “<3” “pin” ,”hype” and “like” it.


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